I am starting to look at my options and I need some advice / guidance. We
have been using iprint on Netware since 5.0. I have 27 schools each with its
own server / broker / manager. Last summer all links were upgraded to gig
fiber from 50mb wireless. So connectivity is excellent. over time all that
is left that Netware is serving is print / authentication / DNS and DHCP. we
are looking at ways to consolidate all of this back to the data center to
help minimize hardware in the schools. It seems that everyone is moving to
the appliance. Is this the only option now? Is iprint no longer supported on
Second question. Currently each school has their own iprint page with just
their printers. If I consolidate all the printers (about 700) to an
appliance or 2 how would I continue to serve only the printers for each
school and not have them now see all 700 on the ipp page?