A customer wanted a way to force off agents if any upgrade to 11.3.1 fails, and they need to send out a techician.
Used to have an old version with the cleanup tool to send with yhem, with a batch-file with all prepped.
Download the latest version, but I cant get it going...
Tried on different machines, but it falies every time.
Starting tool manually to set all settings.
Ticks "Uninstall ZENworks Agent". Unticks Vanish (want to have it on an USB).
Creates a key and password in ZCC via KeyGenerator and puts that in the feilds for "Support Key Information".
Thats it. Creates batchfile, and runs it "as administrator".
Firs twi steps works fine, ZFDE and LocationAwareness/ZESM. Both completed.
So for ZAA. Running very long time (10-15 minutes) and the reports FAILED.
In the log, the last line says:
08-27-2014 16:37:24.721: Command Timed out without returning an ExitCode
08-27-2014 16:37:25.205: In 'ZENworksCleanupTool' Returning '1460' from Executing Command F:\ZENworksCleanupToolPkg\AgentCleanup.exe -skipZU -silent -casa -restoregina -logpath="F:\ZENworksCleanupToolPkg\Logs\zcmRemoval .log"
The result is, efter reboot that there still is a line in Add/Remove Program that says "ZenWorks". It seems to be half uninstalled. There is now no way to uninstall that way.
A new version of the agent cant be installed either, because it thinks its already installed... The only way to get around is to re-image the machine. And that is what I did NOT want...

Am I doing something wrong?