We've recently been using IDM to manage our users based on a DB that contains a user's legal name and in turn, will properly rename that user based on those criteria.

The problem is, and seems to always happen; that if you forget to rename their home directory as well, it goes unnoticed and ends up causing me a couple headaches when validating users and their home directories.

I had a user recently who had their login as 'Chantal' but her legal name was 'Shauntelle', therefore the home directory did not gain the new name.

Does NSM have the capability to automatically rename those directory once a change is made into eDir?

I tried the 'enforce path' management action, but nothing happens and the 'consistency check' comes back as valid (i.e. the DS path exists just as the actual directory/file path)

Also, looking under management actions, and under the 'Name Mismatch' tab, I don't see that user but I do see several users that actually don't have this issue any longer. How can I clear this and get a new list of name mismatches to work with?

Thanks for any help with this.