Hi All
I try to build a APP(DVD Shirk) and has tested virtual APP(Simple exe) work fine. I also click [Publish to ZAV Server], it prompt me need to type user auth information, I use domain administrator , then upload files to ZAV Server..But upload end, it show publish failed information like below
Publish failed
An error occured while publishing the application.
An error occured while uploading the virtual machine.
There may be a network or you may require more storage on your Spoon.net Account.
Pleae try again or visit support.spoon.net for further asistance.
I think whether I misconfigure the application upload setting. All fields show TODO:<Product Name>, I clear and type real production like DVDShirk.
I need configure the Virtual Application for streaming type instead of Simple APP (exe) first then click [Publish to ZAV Server] to upload my APP.

thanks all