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Thread: GW2012 SP3 command line recipe.

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    GW2012 SP3 command line recipe.

    Hello there!

    At last we have the latest service pack. I waited till this because we have SP1 and I didn't want to do two upgrades. I want to upgrade it in command line without the installers. I have in mind some steps:

    -Stop all agents
    -Backup all startup files. Backup apache config
    -Copy new dc files if needed comparing with diff all the files (just in case)
    -Upgrade all rpms: webaccess, agents, and console one plugin
    -[Needed?] Extend schema in Console One?
    -[Needed?] rebuild databases by starting agents manually in gui mode.
    -Replace startup files.
    -Start agents again.

    Are the [Needed?] steps necessary? Is my only doubt

    PD: Novell should provide the procedure to update their products using command line. They only say that we should use the installer and click on install/upgrade new system. I prefer take control of all steps of the process. I could do this with al lot of effort in a previous migration from groupwise 7.0.4 running on a Windows 2003 server to a groupwise 2012 system running on a Sles.

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