Hi Everyone,

I have a multi-server vibe environment and I'm trying to get proper high availability working...

Tomcat servers:

File repository:
vrep1 (nfs mounted on both tomcat servers)



I have an open source load balancer in front of the two tomcat servers which will balance between the two tomcats based on client IP (ie: clients generally only access one tomcat server at a time). In the event that one tomcat goes down, the load balancer will automatically move all clients to the remaining tomcat.

I have configured the two tomcat servers for high availability in the installation using ehcache (multicast over and I have confirmed that my network is forwarding multicasts between the two machines.

If I log into vibe then shutdown the tomcat I'm connected to, the load balancer will automatically direct my session to the other tomcat, but I am forced to login again (after logging in, I'm taken to the main landing page, not where I was attempting to navigate to). It was my understanding that the session information was supposed to be shared in this event so that I would not need to restart my session.

Is there something I'm missing?