vatson wrote:

> It looks like I need to do some planning for deploying Filr in our
> organization. We are OES shop with ca 800 users (soon to be 1000) so
> it seems that "small installation" of Filr just might not be
> sufficient. I'm trying to decide whether I should fit a "minimal
> large" installation of 4 appliances into our existing virtual
> infrastructure (assuming they have necessary amount of spare CPU/RAM)
> or should I deploy each Filr appliance on a separate physical
> machine. What are others doing in this regard?

One point of clarification, the basic large installation consists of 3
appliances: Filr (application), Search, and MySQL. However for
scalability and HA you can consider additional appliances (2nd Search,
2nd Filr, etc). You should also plan on shared storage which can be
either NFS or CIFS (CIFS is new in 1.1) to support multiple Filr
(application) appliances.

It's tough to gauge exactly what you should do based soley on # of
users, or # of files if you have that data. More important will be
just how heavily your users will be hitting Filr and also what other
VMs you are hosting and the resources those VMs required. Luckily it's
usually fairly easy, assuming the virtual infrastructure is built to
support this, to migrate VMs from one host to another so you don't have
to start from the onset with each appliance on a separate host.

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