I'm successfully connecting to GW using the trusted application login.
Then two rules will be created:
  • forward message as attachment and remove item from inbox
  • remove message from outbox

The Problem now is that the first rule's first action could fail to be created. So Rules.Actions.count shoud be equal to 1 but until i restart the program this counter is not going to be decreased.

What i've tried so far:
  • reload the rules-set
  • reload the Account
  • login as another user and re-login
  • create a new NovellGroupWareSession-Object and login

With createRule(gwUser, name)
     .Enabled = False
     With .Actions
         .Add(egwForward).To = gwia_id & ":" & forward_address
     End With
     MsgBox(.Actions.Count) ''' outputs 2 but 1 after restart of application GW-Client shows the right number of Lines immediately
I'd guess there is some kind of caching done in the background i don't know how to control. Any Solutions?