We have three primary servers, presently running ZENworks 11.2.2. Two of them are on Windows Server 2003 64-bit, and the third is on Windows Server 2003 32-bit. They are using an external database running on a separate server, which is also running Windows Server 2003.

We have been mandated to upgrade these servers to Windows Server 2012 before July 2015, and sooner is preferable; within the month would be nice. We also want to deploy ZENworks 11.3, which to the best of my awareness, does not support Windows Server 2003 at all. It is my understanding that the plan is to do this by building new Windows Server 2012 servers, and migrating any necessary services - such as ZENworks - across to them.

We would like to perform this migration ourselves, rather than rely on consultants; among other things, the expense of a consultant would strengthen the argument of those who want us to drop ZENworks for cost reasons. However, if we are going to end up needing a consultant, we would like to know that sooner rather than later.

What documentation is there on cross-server migration of this nature?

I've found the Disaster Recovery Reference (https://www.novell.com/documentation.../bookinfo.html), specifically section 2.2 "Replacing an Existing Primary Server with a New Primary Server", but that doesn't seem entirely on point - migration to a new server isn't DR-specific, for one thing - and it's not all that clearly written. For example:

* It's not clear whether the reference in step 4 to "the first primary server" is referring to the first primary server in the existing zone, or to what is elsewhere called "the existing primary server", i.e. the server being migrated away from.

* It seems odd to be directed in step 8 to "ensure that the installation drive and path points to C:\Program Files (x86)\", when our existing installs were done with a ZENWORKS_HOME location pointing to a different drive entirely. I suspect that this is actually a "If migrating from 32-bit Windows to 64-bit Windows, and the ZENWORKS_HOME location on the existing server pointed to a location under C:\Program Files\" scenario, but if so, that isn't really clear from the directions.

* It doesn't seem to document migration considerations for an external database very clearly, if at all.

* It doesn't seem to address the question of migrating multiple primary servers, though hopefully that would just be a question of the "migrating one server" steps done multiple times.

Is there any other documentation than that?

Are there any known pitfalls which would be expected to be encountered in making this type of transition, beyond what is documented in the Disaster Recovery Reference?

Are there any known pitfalls to watch out for, or steps to follow, or documentation to rely on, when migrating an external database from one external server to another? (E.g., is there anything we would need to expect to reconfigure on the primary servers, or make certain remains the same for the new database server as for the old one?)

Are there any alternate approaches which we should consider, in lieu of this type of migration?