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Thread: LDAP or Apache authentication with NMAS Login sequences

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    LDAP or Apache authentication with NMAS Login sequences

    We have a Netware 6.5 sp8 server and would like to set up NMAS to do login sequences, in order to do multi-factor authentication. Specifically, we are looking at implementing Vasco Digipass, which has native Novell support by providing a NMAS Login Method. Most of our workstations are Windows XP or Windows 7, but we have many OpenSUSE 13.1 workstations as well, which are mounting volumes using ncpmount. We also have many programs authenticating users through LDAP, and have a Samba fileserver that we plan to start authenticating against the Netware server, probably using LDAP, as well.

    If we force users to use a login sequence, such as NDS AND DigiPass, will there a way to authenticate them with LDAP? I read document 3307424, but we need to do this without using the Novell Client. Just plain ol' LDAP. Also, what happens when a user needs to log into the server via Apache, such as logging into iManager, Remote Manager, iFolder, etc. I don't see anything regarding this in the Authentication tab under iManager Server -> Configure iManager -> Authentication tab from within iManager. We're running iManager 2.7.3, which I think is as high as we can go without switching over to OES. I also went through the iManager documentation, and I didn't see anything about this. Was iManager, or other web apps on Netware, ever designed to use Login Sequences? It appears that the web pages use LDAP for authentication, and I suppose I could customize them by hand, but then that brings me back to my first question! I've been searching for answers to this for several days now, and can't really find any.

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