Having an issue with some of our 32 bit machines. I created a Windows Group Policy, and have disabled the sections for UAC. This works fine for the 64 bit machines. The bundles seem to fail on some (but not all) the 32 bit machines. The bundle copies a file to c:\program files, and then runs and extract all files to another folder in c:\program files\. It says access denied. On most machines, it works fine. If I goto the machine and try to copy the file manually, it tells me I will need to provide permission to copy to this folder and I must click continue. Then if I run the file, I get accessed denied, run as administrator, runs fine. The machines I'm have issues with are all 32 bit machines. I've tried making a policy on a 32 bit machine, but I seem to get the same error. I did disable the first policy before testing on the new machine that I reimaged. I did run gpupdate and gpupdate /force, zenworks refresh. Any ideas?