I have 2 new Windows 7 64-bit workstations, SSD drives, 16Gb of ram, no extra programs running, no errors of any kind in the windows logs no other use but for Zenworks sat servers. I actually have one of these workstations at all 15 of our buildings (all with the same image) and thought I would put 2 at our largest site since it was about twice the size of any of our other schools.

I have one computer setup as the master PXE server and the other as the master authentication server with no PXE service running. There are around 620 computers at this site. There are about 6 labs of 30 computers that may be logging in all at the same time at certain times.

The problem I am having is DLU stops working a couple times a week and a re-boot of the sat server has fixed the problem. I am not able to stop and start the services to get it working again and there are no errors in the windows logs or anything that looks strange. If I turn off the primary authentication server everything still works off the second sat server, if I turn both of them off everything still works off of our primary but it is very slow. This problem has happened at a couple other sites but maybe a couple times a year. All of our machines are on Monthly Update 1 at this time.

This behavior is similar to what was happening when we had flow control active on the network card. We have been running this way for a good school year so nothing has really changed. Over the summer we updated some computers out there and got rid of a bunch more XP machines so I thought it would be even better this school year. Everything seems to be working better and faster but the DLU dropping off a couple times a week is a pain in the neck. We delete the student accounts when they logoff or restart so this is why it is a pain. When DLU stops they can't login, stuck at the windows login.