Primary Server 11.2.4MU1 on OES 11SP2 - Running ZCM11.2.4MU1 / DSFW / DNS

I am attempting to bring up a Second Primary Server. Maybe I am miss reading the documentation, however Each time I attempt the setup and bring the second primary into the "Existing" zone I give it the DNS / IP of the server, the correct Port - 444 In this case, and user / password. It authenticates fine, asks me to import the CA / MGMT Zone Cert. I click yes. Then I am taken to the SSL Configuration page.

From my reading I believe I should not be taken to this page.... I believe this should only be done if its a new server as the secondary should import and use the primary?

Currently my Plan was to bring up a secondary Primary and look at doing a DB / Content Migration, as I can not upgrade the current 11.2.4MU1 to 11.3 as install on OES is not supported (any longer).

I could be a bit discombobulated....