We are getting slower file transfer speeds between our workstations and the NSS volumes on a new OES 11.2 server than I expect. I am hoping someone has some ideas of how to speed things up.

The max speeds I am getting (on 1 Gbps devices) are server receive/write speeds of around 50 MBps (400 Mbps) and server send speeds of around 45 MBps (360 Mbps). This is when copying an 8 GB file from a Win7 x64 machine with the Novell Client installed.

The same workstations (which have SSDs) are able to transfer about 930 Mbps between one another when using a network speed test utility. So, I am confident the bottleneck is not the workstations or the switches.

The server is OES 11.2 running on SLES 11.3, fully patched. It is running on "bare metal" (not a VM) on a Dell PowerEdge R710 with an internal RAID 5 array. The disks are 10K RPM, so they are rated at a min of 170 IOPS. I have two 1 Gbps NICs bonded, so the theoretical max throughput is near 2 Gbps, with the disks being the limiting factor.

I have noticed with all our OES servers that file transfer performance is never as good as I expect, so I don't think it is a problem with this specific box. This one is a new install, purchased and installed just a couple months ago.

I have tried some of the suggestions in TID 7003585 and other TIDs, including changing the NSS volume Read Ahead Count in Blocks from 16 to 64. All these changes have no noticeable impact on the performance.

On the Novell Client side, we have File Caching set to off, and File Commit is set to on. I realize this does not help performance, but we have had significant problems in the past when these two are set differently.

Can anyone give me some advice on how we can speed up file transfers?

Rick P