Hi there!

We have a system based on GW2012 sp2 and we would like to move to gw2014-sp1. But, after that, I guess that
I should move from oes2 to oes11. Now, we have two domains, primary domain is based on novell cluster,
secondary domain, not. Both domains are based on oes2 on sles 10.

I would like to know if would be a good plan first move my servers to sles11-sp3 & oes 11 sp2. And, if this question
is affirmative, if this procees could be easy: AFAIK I only should move the GW system (installed on a NSS volume)
to the new servers. Is right? I mean: prepare two new machines, install GW agents (GW software) and then
move NSS volume. I would like to save the cluster main IP resource (the ip where clients connects to) but the
IP for the machines will change. Is this an issue that could affect Groupwise?

For the secondary domain, as is installed in a single machine, I guess I only have to move this domain to the new
machine (after install GW software) and simply launch domain & gwia. Am i in the right path?

After I check that GW 2012 is working fine in sles 11/ oes 11, I guess I will move to gw 2014.

Thank you everybody!