GW 8.0.2 build 2/15/2012 , novell-groupwise-agents-8.0.2-96933--
UserB has full proxy rights to UserA, her boss. UserB proxies into UserA
account and finds a message from 10 days ago, she proceeds to forward it
(inline forward). There are no errors and GW appears to act normally and
she thinks the message is sent successfully. But, there is no Sent item
created and the forwarded party never receives the message. All users in
this scenario are internal on the same PO, the email originated on this PO
also. There are 3 library docs attached to the message to which all users
in this scenario have rights.

Setting the log to Verbose, I see the following error, but since I do not
have a time stamp I am only guessing this is related-
16:22:10 064 Error: Access denied [D124] User:UserB (UserA) (UserB

However, if the message is "forwarded as attachment" by UserB it is received
fine. And, If it is forwarded inline when logged in as UserA is is received
The problem is reproducible, happens every time with this message.
This is something she does on a pretty regular basis and she says she has
never before had a problem. Indeed, I tested with other random messages and
did not have a problem forwarding those.

Any idea where I can identify what could be unique about this particular
item? TIA.