We have ZCM 11.3.1 just configuration and patch management modules (not asset mgt etc)
We add devices to workstation groups to give them access to non-core apps.
When we upgrade to a new version of an application eg ArcGIS10-2-2 we create a new workstation group and initially
add test workstations, then additional pilot users until it eventually becomes the new production group for ArcGIS.
We have a project to upgrade all users on old versions of ArcGIS to the new 10.2.2 version and need to move them
from their current ARCGIS-10-0-SP5 device group to ARCGIS-10-2-2.
I can change the relationship and link the old ArcGIS group to the new version as a workaround , which does the job
but it ends up getting very messy.
Is there a way to copy or move devices from one workstation group to another workstation group.
It seems a very basic thing to need to do but I can't see it in ZCC or as a ZMAN command.
Greg K