Two questions regarding SMDR configuration:

1) When editing the smdrd.conf file on which the domain lies elsewhere (another server), (or on NetWare, the smsstart.ncf file) is it necessary to also point to the domain, or just the PO? The domain server has it's own backup.

I don't find the documentation to be very clear on this point, particularly when syntax is so critical.
Example, on some of my OES boxes which hold a PO, I originally had the /etc/opt/novell/sms/smdrd.conf file config'd thusly:

autoload: tsafs --EnableGW
autoload: tsafsgw -home \\<domain server>\MAIL\SPDOM -home /media/nss/MAIL/ops

Recently though, I had second thoughts and thought maybe referencing the domain here was pointless, and slowing the backups down, so I removed the first -home entry referencing the domain, leaving only the PO reference.
Almost immediately, these PO backups started to fail. The syntax is correct. I only removed the domain references, I didn't change anything else.
I can't see why I would need to point to the domain for each PO backup, but perhaps I do; can someone confirm?

2) The syntax for doing the same on NetWare is more confusing, if needing to point to the domain on a different server.

I have our SMSSTART.NCF config'd as:
LOAD TSAFSGW /home-\\<>\MAIL\SPDOM /home-MAIL:\oots

I'm not sure about needing the colons in either section here, actually.