I will soon like in a month or so have to setup something like 15+ netware 6.0 servers in vmware.

I've did the same task about 6 months and it was painful as I was setting up multiple netware servers at a time due to a limited timeframe.

I had an idea that I could setup a netware server inside a VM as a template, then just change to the appropriate host name and ip address.

I'm trying to test this concept based on this article.


I'm having problems with this step.

5. In ConsoleOne go into Device Manger, or the Media tab on for the server. Select NSS POOLS and click the Update NDS tab. Select the NSS Volumes and click the Update NDS tab. Run a DSREPAIR "Check volume objects and trustees" to verify this process is complete. If the Media Tab cannot be seen, check the General Tab, in Console One on the properties of the server, and ensure that the "Other Name" field is blank. This will allow the media tab to be seen.
For NetWare 6.5 load NSSMU at the server console, or use iManager for this. In ConsoleOne the Media tab for the server object does not work with NetWare 6.5. In NSSMU select Pools | <Pool Name> | ALT+F8 to Update eDirectory.

I went to the general tab in consoleone, trying to delete the Other Name field, clicked Apply but it doesn't save.
Would this field be saved in a config file anywhere or what could I be doing wrong.

I've tried on consoleone on novell netware itself and running of windows.

If I can get this working, it would save we hours of work and would reduce mistakes made.