Hmm... not sure about this, but I am sure that something does not work.

server on local IP, a lot of ports is routed in a NAT to that (look below). My domain is of course on my public IP ( , so that is an easy check).
most works, but...

First of all when I have to use tools up against the server, I have to login towards local IP when I am on the inside of my NAT and towards public IP when I am on the outside. That is to handle, but I have been wondering why I can't do it all towards my public IP. I theory traffic from a webpage should go out on the internet to a DSN server (in case I use my domain) or just out on the internet and back to my router and from the be routed towards my local IP - but it seem not to happen. So something in the webbased login page is not always going out but is directed directly towards my local IP. Hmm.... but that does not make sense when I am on the outside where is it going first to my router and from there to the server (routed by the NAT).

Okay a test case:

From LAN: from the inside returns HTML 500 error. combined with LDAP provider returns this error:
Login Failed. Check the username and password and try again. LDAP provider on works.

From WAN both LDAP at and on LAN ip returns HTML 500 error

So there is something that is not working around the NAT and LDAP. But what?

And my NAT table in the router:

Entries in my NAT are:
NO. Local IP Type Port range
1 BOTH 25
2 BOTH 110
3 BOTH 80
4 BOTH 20-21
5 BOTH 9009-9010
6 BOTH 8008-8009
7 BOTH 2200
8 BOTH 81
9 BOTH 443
10 BOTH 51080
11 BOTH 51443
12 BOTH 139
13 BOTH 389
14 BOTH 636
15 BOTH 524
16 BOTH 111
17 BOTH 2049
18 BOTH 9000-9001
19 BOTH 8080
20 BOTH 213
21 BOTH 353
22 BOTH 2010
23 BOTH 2500
24 BOTH 9005
25 BOTH 2211
26 BOTH 8005