My previous post helped me realize I need to install a new vm and move files to it. So I did that. This server also runs my sep software for file backup. The server was running fine but when the sep engineer worked on their product he installed an update for sles 11 sp 3 not using the oes -t in zypper that I have been told is essential. Now that this change has occurred I can't get certain parts of oes to function. NSS is working (and am I glad for that), but I can't get AFP, iMngr, Remote mngr, nor xregd (which I think AFP needs running to start). I don't have the funds to open an SR with Novell. I really could use some help. I notice that the useage of the forum has decreased exponentailly, does this mean oes 11 is on the way out? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.