I installed Filr Desktop 1.0.2 on my laptop and after configuring it ran the first sync. I have Filr configured so that users see their network Home Directories under My Files. Most of the files synced fine, but four small text files show "Checksum validation failure" and do not sync. This is a directory with few dozen such files, most of them synced fine. On my laptop in the corresponding directory there appeared four files named _a_long_hex_number_.part. I checked the md5 checksum of one of these .part files against corresponding original file in my Home Directory and it matches.
I tried stopping the Filr desktop client on my laptop and deleting the .part files, but after re-starting the desktop client syncing these files still fails the same way.
How to fix this situation?

Versions: Filr server 1.0.1 with HP1 and FTF2 applied, Filr Desktop client 1.0.2 on Windows 7 x64.