Since Client 2012SP3, when going to a proxy user we noticed that the proxy mailbox randomly expands the folder list.
This is sometimes annoying, cause you have to close several folders every time.
Going back to the home mailbox we also noticed the expanding of the folder list. Going back to the same or another mailbox, the folder structure is wide open again.
Sometimes only one folder expands, sometimes several, sometimes all.
This happens to all clients and all proxy mailboxes. (users, resources).

Workaround: Rolling back to 2012SP2 the expanding problem has gone. The folder structure is just so as we left it behind last time. I can switch to several proxies, back to my mailbox, back to another proxy - no problem at all.

Anyone noticed this? Is any FTF SP3 client out there?

Client OS is Win7 - 64bit.