Trying to upgrade a OES11-SP1 Server OES11-SP2
but run into problems at Final stage of eDirectory Upgrade

Server is looking for OLD Master replica - which no longer exists

Some month ago due to server crashes I added a Server (this time as a Virtual Server)
Copied Data includin GW system
Ran NDSREPAIR to make this the Master Replica (old server now disregarded)
deleted OLD CA and recreated CA on the new server
reconfigured GW etc

(single Server - no external replicas - this server)

Everything running fine for some months

Now needed to upgrade to OES11 SP2 and at final stage ie. when upgrading edirectory its looking for OLD IP
only option is ABORT - so my upgraded did not finish
I'm doing this as a Physical Media upgrade as per OES Manual

I went back to my BACKUP of the VM
I made sure /etc/sysconfig/edir_oes11_sp1 file had the correct IP
I went into YaST > OES Configuration and made sure there is NO mention of OLD IP in any of them LDAP, eDirectory, CIFS etc

are there any other config files I need to check??

Any pointers much appreciated.