The environment is Zenworks 11.2.4 MU1, installed on 3 primary servers
running Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition.

The goal is to upgrade to 11.3. Since Datacenter Edition is no longer
supported, I need to first migrate all three primary servers to Windows
2008 R2 Standard (or Enterprise) running the same version of ZCM, 11.2.4

The way to do this is via the disaster recovery procedure, documented
However, there are two scenarios described, and I don't quite match
either of them.

The first scenario says: "Replacing the First Primary Server with the
Second Primary Server". Doesn't really match, since all three servers
need to be replaced.

The second scenario says: "Replacing an existing Primary Server with a
New Primary Server". This is more like it, but the first sentence in
the docs has me bothered. It says:

> If you have only one Primary Server in the Management Zone and if you want to replace the device hosting the Primary Server with a new device that has the same host name and IP address as the old device, you must move the Primary Server to the new device.

But I don't have only one server, I still have three

Advice please on which scenario is best, and how to customize it to my

Phillip E. Thomas