Hello All,

A little background... we have one user who has had GroupWise issues since she started with our company about two years ago. These issues have manifested as random crashes and lock ups in the GroupWise client. Sometimes it's related to clicking reply, sometimes related to opening the address book and sometimes it's in the middle of typing a message. Over this time I have run structure, contents, fix on her mailbox numerous times, though I do run the same maintenance on our whole PO each weekend. Over that time I have also completely rebuilt her mailbox indexes twice and run a structural rebuild twice. The issue has also followed her starting with GW 8 and on through our GW 2012 upgrade and client versions all the way up to the current version. On the hardware side, she is on her 3rd system, each was formatted to factory start before it was given to her.

So now the only other option I can come up with is to completely recreate her GroupWise account. As a general plan I want to rename her current account, create a new account, associate her new account with her eDir user, share the folders from her old account with her new one, transfer her messages over, export then import any personal address books and then make sure her new account is on the correct distribution lists. As I'm planning through the process though, I do not see a way to change the edir-GW association. Anyone know if that is possible? Are there any other suggestions for a course of action or anything you can see I am forgetting about.

Thank you for any help with this project!

Daniel Joaquin