Hi All,

We have enabled our OES / Netware 6.5 SP8+ fleet of servers with CIFS access.

Since then, accessing via a Win 7 Sp1 x64 client hangs then abends the server intermittently when someone types in just the (CIFS) server name in Windows Explorer. i.e. when the server is asked to provide a list of shares.
The servers we are seeing this primarily on have 12 volumes.

Our servers are all running on VMware ESXi 5.1u2 and the CPU consumed pegs 100% when the fault starts.
The Netware server becomes unresponsive then abends. Unfortunately the first abend recorded in abend.log is abend 3 with what appears to be an NSS spinlock condition (for what that is worth).
I assume that the first abend will be a CPU Hog timeout going by the delay before the abend.

The CIFS config is a Workgroup, Local Auth (edir), export all volumes, Oplocks off, DFS on (required by us), SMB signing disabled.

Our Group Policy allows Win7 to not require signing (allow lower LM versions)

We have the following relevant patches on the servers:
edir 885 Patch 6

Anyone know we stop this happening ?