I've just updated to Groupwise 2014, and everything seems to be working smoothly, but I need to clear a few things up regarding GW account creation.

In the past, I've manually created users with C1, and I used a template that had Groupwise PO information in it, and it all worked well. I can still create users with this template in C1 with the 2012 snapins, and everything seems to still work fine in GW2014, but I assume this isn't supported. Creating a user with iManager (with the GW plugins) with this same template does not create a Groupwise account at all, and I can't set GW info at user creation; I have to open the user after creation, go to the Groupwise tab, and pick the PO that they should belong to, and I can't actually change any groupwise options, like groups, visibility, nicknames, etc. In this case, the user gets created in GW, but the GW info (like email address, PO, etc) never makes it back into eDir. I do have email publishing enabled for the directory, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

My question is this: If I create a directory user and want to have a GW account automatically created for them at account creation time, what is the correct way to do that in 2014?