The migration went OK, as an Exchange guy this whole Groupwise thing is new to me.
Our consultant that worked through with us was great for the build, left the mailbox moves to me. Consultant is on holidays this week so I've gone and had a looksee myself to fix this up and learn the software a bit better.

But we had about 15% of the mailboxes with a stuck email or more. In order to flush them through I needed to Force Complete.

Now some of those want some of the emails back...

How would I achieve this? I have restored the userxxx.db files already from backup tapes, ready to go. I also can restore the 2012 server to pre-migration in a vmware sandbox if needed.

- Cannot push mailboxes back to 2012 as we als cut over from e-Directory to Active Directory and the 2012 server doesn't have those LDAP connections.
- It appears the FileIDs changed, and I don't have a list of the FileID's prior to move