Hello everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. I had a question on the secure system user option. We have a lot of bundles that require admin rights to install. Usually we just assign the bundle to an account that has more rights than our users and we run it that way. As the number of bundles that is requiring this is increasing, it becomes more of a hassle. We have played with running them as Dynamic admin, however this seemed to only be working if we had UAC enabled. Due UAC causing other issues, we turned it back off via GPO. But now Dynamic admin doesn't work. So this is where secure system user comes in. Being it is suppose to temporarily grant the current user admin rights during installation this sounded like a perfect option to go. As long as I have been working with bundles, I have yet to see this actually work for us.

Is there any ideas to why Dynamic admin might not work with with UAC disabled or Secure System User now working at all? We have not been able to even think of a starting place on this one.

Thank you.