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Thread: CMDB import performance

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    CMDB import performance

    We are trying out import of CMDB data from ZCM 11.3 to NSD 7.0.3 appliance. Our ZCM database contains approximately 700 workstations.

    We set up AMIE with Server Type as "ZENworks Configuration Management v11.1" and set schedule to Daily. Having observed the system a few days, it seems that the import job does not complete in 24 hours and the next one starts before the previous has finished. I restarted Tomcat on the NSD appliance and changed the schedule to Weekly. The import job has now been running for 48 hours and is still not complete. CPU on the NSD appliance is constantly at 100%. Top shows that the busiest process is postgres. The database seems to be busy processing queries such as this:

    select count(*) as col_0_0_ from ITEM_HISTORY itemhistor0_ cross join ITEM_SNAPSHOT itemsnapsh1_ where itemhistor0_.SNAP_ID=itemsnapsh1_.ID and itemhistor0_.ASSET_ID=$1 and (itemsnapsh1_.INCIDENT_ID is null)
    I'm not familiar enough with NSD to understand what this query is trying to do. I wonder if we are doing something unreasonable, or is it normal for the import to be this slow.
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