We've upgraded a few of our GroupWise 8 clients from 8.0.3 Hot Patch 3 to 8.0.3 Hot Patch 4 to address the critical security vulnerability in HP3. We receive the following error message (attached) every few minutes which seems to be related to the archving process.

Receiving gwdca.exe - entry point not found

The procedure entry point DAGetLinkedObjectParent could not be located in the dnyamic link library sccda.dll

When the error appears, it seems to correlate to the "Updating Archive Quickfinder Indexes" appearing in the bottom left corner of the GW client. Backreving the client to 8.0.3 HP 3 resolves the problem. We have tried running GW Check on the mailbox as well as forcing a reindex of the archive without any success. Any insight would be appreciated.


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