We just went through a domain migration. All PCs were unregistered from the old ZCM 11.2 server in the old domain before they were migrated. When we went to re-register them to the 11.3.1 ZCM server, we ran into 2 issues. Some of the systems successfully upgraded to 11.3.1 BUT users cannot log onto the ZCM 11.3.1 Agent. It's giving an error of "unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect". The PCs that didn't not upgraded to ZCM 11.3.1 and are running 11.2.0 do not have this problem. They get authenticated appropriately. The User configuration is set to eDirectory (just like on the ZCM 11.2 server in the old domain).

I ran "zac ci" and noticed there are old certificates from ZENworks servers that are no longer around. How do you get rid of these old references? It's picking up the new server's certificates. I ran this on my PC ZCM Agent 11.2 (won't upgrade and can authenticate into the ZCM 11.2 agent just fine) and I do not see the old certificates. I'm only seeing certificates for the new ZCM 11.3.1 server in the new domain and the eDirectory master server that the ZCM server is referencing.