We just went through a domain migration. All PCs were unregistered from the old ZCM 11.2 server in the old domain before they were migrated. When we went to re-register them to the 11.3.1 ZCM server, we ran into 2 issues and one of them is being addressed here. The Windows 7 Professional PCs running ZCM Agent 11.2 will not upgrade to 11.3.1. Get error message "cannot continue - Microsoft's .NET version 4 required. Exiting with error code -16". All the Win7 Professional PCs have the same build because we just migrated from XP to Win7 Professional about 3 months ago and the hard drives were all ghosted from a master. All PCs have Microsoft .NET 4 Client Profile. Some of Windows 7 Enterprise PCs will upgrade to 11.3.1 but then we get an authentication error message with the ZCM 11.3.1 agent (this error is in another post). Other Windows 7 Enterprise PCs will not upgrade to 11.3.1 (mine is one of them). Gets the same error message as the Win7 Professional PCs. Any clues, hints, anyone see this issue before?