I am beginning to migrate my netware 4.11 servers to 5.1

I have an xp session installed under vmware.
I have a 5.1 server set up with ip and ipx.
I can connect to the 5.1 server on ip or ipx on an xp sp3 workstation.
I setup a windows 7 workstation and installed the client for windows 7.
I can attach to the server and map drives.
I can run my database software under dosbox and mount the mapped drives.
I would rather run the software under an xp session in vmware as the software is tried and true under xp.
I have created the xp session.
If I login and map drives under windows 7 they don't show up under the xp session.
I installed the client for windows xp (4.91 sp5) ip only and it will not find the tree or server so I can't login from xp.
I tried uninstalling the client from windows 7 and use the client under the xp session. It still doesn't find anything.
How do I attach to the server under the vmware xp session?
Should I have the client loaded under both 7 and the vmware xp session?