Moving system from NetWare to SuSE11sp3. Current system is GW8.0.2 and want to just upgrade, at this point, to 2012sp3. Would the steps be for accomplising this task be:

move data over from NetWare to SuSE(NSS to EXT3) dbcopy using lowercase option moving files
Once moved, copy dc files into respective locations in domain and post office directories
Go into consoleone and change path, platform type from NetWare to Linux, verify http and log settings, ip address is being moved as well
Start agents up in show mode to verify upgrade from 8 to 2012
stop agents in show mode, configure agents and start normally

I have done this before moving GW from NetWare to Linux, but it has always been keeping version the same, so the step on changing platform version want to make sure correct in that spot.