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Thread: Calendar Admin Portal, Published Calendars not displayed,etc

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    Calendar Admin Portal, Published Calendars not displayed,etc

    We recently upgraded from GW 2012 sp2 to GW2014 sp 1. Primary domain and post office server running OES11 fully patched. Calendar Publishing Host and webacc server running SLES 11 sp 3. Upgrade went well except for 3 issues:

    1. The calendar admin portal is not working. When I look at the calhost.cfg file, there is no section for Admin.WebConsole.Enable=false/true like there is in the calhost.sample file. Do I just need to modify the .sample file to reflect the proper settings and then rename it to calhost.cfg then restart tomcat to get this working again?

    2. When we log into the web portal of the Calendar Publishing Host, none of our published calendars are displayed (see attached)

    3. The webaccess admin portal is also broken. I copied the following lines from the webacc.sample file to the webacc.cfg file (modified to fit our environment)


    and restarted Tomcat but now we just get this when attempting to access the admin portal:

    Unable to connect to the GroupWise Admin Console @https://ourwebaccserver:9712/gwadmin-service/system/whoami

    It seems the upgrade just defaulted to using the old (2012) calhost.cfg and webacc.cfg files instead of modifying/overwriting them with the correct cfg files to work with 2014. Any help is appreciated.
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