I find the instructional video very complicated

prepared everything to upgrade today and started. Am stuck on the very first step (backing up the sql databse).

All VMs shutdown, now I have to create an additional disk for the backup db. It says create a new disc and choose SCSI 2:0 as configuration. I already have three discs on every VM - 1st disk App, 2nd disk data, 3rd disk Logs (as per the instruction in the installation guide)

then after backup is complete, are the following steps correct:
1) deploy the ovf templates for the new Filr 1.1 VMs
2) create a second hard disk 2 which should be an existing copy of Hard disk 2 from each of the old Filr VMs
3) create new empty hard disk 3 for logs on each Filr VM
4) on the new SQL VM attach the backup database disk as SCSI 3:0
5) start SQL VM and upgrade
6) start the search VM and upgrade
7) start the Filr VM and upgrade