I've either found a bug, or I really need correction of my misunderstanding of how group policies are applied with Windows 7/ZCM.

We just gave my boss a new computer that was previously associated with a Group computer policy. It wasn't working properly with the policies it had, so I moved the computer in ZCC to a new container such that the machine no longer has any Group computer policy associated with it. I can log in to the machine myself, make changes to the local computer policy, log out and back in, reboot, zac cc and refresh, and through all of that the local computer policy stays as I left it. However, if the boss logs in then the computer policy returns to the settings from the ZENworks policy - even though the workstation is no longer associated with the policy in ZCC. I can confirm that when he logs in there is only one group policy active according to the ZEN agent properties, but that group policy has only a few user policies. It does not contain the computer policies that keep mysteriously reappearing.

Can anyone give me an idea of why these policies keep being reapplied when they shouldn't be?

Our agent version is This is related to my recent unanswered post, "Applications unable to run due to malfunctioning policy". It was that problem that prompted me to remove the policy from the boss's computer.