I'm trying to do multicast imaging in an environment without practical access to a DHCP server.

I have a 48-port switch which I'm assured is configured as a "flat" switch.

If I connect two or more computers to this switch (without connecting the switch to an uplink), boot them to the ZENworks Imaging Preboot Environment, and run 'dhcpcd -d -t 1 eth0' to get them link-local IP addresses, they can ping one another without issues.

After having confirmed that the pings succeed, if I attempt to initiate a multicast via 'img s flat m' on one computer and 'img s flat cl' on the others, img exits almost instantly with a "network is unreachable" / "could not contact the server" message and an elapsed-time report of 00:00. This happens as soon as the command is issued, not when the clients connect or when the "start multicast" button is pressed.

If I instead attempt to initiate the multicast via the menus of the curses interface to the 'img' program, as soon as I hit Next after selecting the "master" role, img segfaults. (I haven't yet tested selecting the 'client' role, but I expect it would be much the same.) I got a similar segfault on master machine for the first try with the command-line variant, but haven't been able to reproduce it since.

This is with ZENworks 11.2.2, and a preboot environment manually updated to use a more recent version of the Linux kernel (3.8 or later, I think - I haven't checked lately), which is needed for driver support.

Is multicast imaging across a "flat" switch using link-local IP addresses expected to work?

If it is, any idea what may be going wrong (or how to figure out the same), and/or how to get this working?

If it is not, is there any means of multicast imaging without an available DHCP server which *is* expected to work?