Hi all,

Zav 11 pro environment.

I'm streaming a virt application from a network share
command line is as follows
C:\setup\Tools>SpoonPlay.exe /model=\\fs01_data\apps\vapps\lc3\model.xm /xvm=c:\
setup\tools\xvm.exe /cache=%appdata%\lc3 /xsandboxpath=c:\setup

I have tried with and without xsandboxpath since documentation is a bit unclear regarding if its necessary or not (and what it does)
Spoonplay creates the .bin file when I use the xsandbox switch.
A other problem I have is that spoonplay.exe dosnt terminate when I close the application, throwing a error when I try to start application again.

I have seen few questions regarding /cache and some solutions. But non of them has worked for me, anybody have a working caching app?