Just had a nice time doing a wagon upgrade from sles11sp2 to sles11sp3 on an HP ML310e gen8 server with a B120i controller. Apparently HP does not allow inclusion of this driver in supported distributions. Link below explains this. During the upgrade, it's complains about a conflict and gives you a few choices. With the aid of a Novell support person, we chose to remove the driver. Once the upgrade was complete, the server would not find the logical drive correctly and did not come back up. Making a long story short, the hpvsa driver was not present via the channel to present the array correctly to the os the way it was configured. (virtual abstract of the mirror) It seen the logical drive as individual disks with the partitions on them.

So anyone with either a B120i or B320i controller should watch out for this. A possible work around (which I did not get to try) would be to have the upgrade remove the driver, then prior to restarting your system, reinstall the hpvsa driver for the patch version you are updating to. After discussing it, this is what the Support person thought of after we got the machine going. It wouldn't have mattered if I did this via any other upgrade method (zypper, offline dvd, etc) according to him due to the driver not being on the media. He also suggested to install and use UUID instead of device id's when configuring the storage and partitions.


If anyone has anything to add, feel free! Felt I needed to post something so no one else has to go through this either.