Hello everyone,

Kind of a Noob here on this. I have been in the field for a while however with the new iPrint Appliance I am just kind of wary to install the appliance into our network so I do not interrupt our users and their printing needs.

I have a Netware server running 6.5 SP8 and I have iPrint installed in our tree for the district there. I have just installed the iPrint Appliance to one of our VMWare boxes and followed the install in the documentation, except when I get to the part for the iPrint Initial Configuration Wizard.

This is where I get the butterflies in the stomach and start rethinking 'should I do this?' So I come here to ask for some help.

Authentication Realm = It states this is where my users log in, is this correct to say it would be my District Tree that I would put here?
DNS for Print Manager = This one I am kind of lost on. This should be the IP that the iPrint appliance is installed on , or the IP for the DNS? Because in there it states to Specifiy a DNS name that follows the Print Manager?

Now when it comes to the Driver-Store do I use remote in this instance or Local?

I know this must seem very basic, so please if you can give me a basic heads up and a direction to go with this. I just do not want to mess up the printers I have setup already and have to go through and reinstall printers on every desktop in the district. We have about 40 printers +, and about 1600 computers so that would be a bad day for me.

Thanks for any help or insight you can give in this matter.

Jim G.