This is a brand new installation (Large Deployment) of filr 1.1 and I am kind of stuck as it is not picking up user home folders.

Database = sql server
filr = 1.1
user source = Novell eDirectory

When I did the initial import of users, it imported all my volumes as Net Folder servers automatically. I have entered the credentials and tested connectivity to all of these.

ldap is set to use home directory attribute (should be ndsHomeDirectory i can see in ldap browser)

ladp user is set for
Register user profiles automatically
Synchronize user profiles

Some users had the home directory active on the initial import (I was able to login and access my files). but many users did not. I have since deleted the ldap user source and purged out all users. Upon re-import, I am not able to access my files. In all users profiles, home folder is no.

Any ideas on where to start the troubleshooting?