Hi everybody,

i've got an annoying problem. I've created a huge table by using the HTML-element on a landing page. The problem is that i've used some images as table heading. Now everytime I change a row, the second image gets doubled. After that if I want to fix the table heading I have to change every image by placing the correct one --> saving --> exiting the edit-view --> reentering the edit-view and then change the next image. This is because if I change the first doubled image and save, the second image gets doubled and so on.

Here is a screenshot for better understanding:

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As you can see the image "Deutsch" is doubled. The one in the gray box is wrong.

I tried many thing to fix. (Different file-types, editing only in the wysywig-editor, editing only in the HTML-Code, completly new landing page,...)

By the way: I've only done the this with the images, bacause I couldn't find a way to write vertically. If you can tell me how to write, so it looks exactly like the images, I would prefere that solution

Kind regards lJack