ZCM version, building Windows 8.1 workstation image, and testing existing bundles in the new OS. Both Image Explorer and ZISWIN fail. Image Explorer simply does not appear to run. ZISWIN runs but gives no information, indicating only that the user (an administrator) does not have the rights to view the ISD.

If I browse to ZISWIN.exe and double-click it, I get the same thing. If I right-click it and "run as administrator" it works. However, you don't get "run as administrator" as an option when you right-click a NAL shortcut, you just get Open and Properties.

Image Explorer is similar, but more peculiar. If I double-click zmgexp.bat, I get a bunch of errors about Java being missing. If I right-click zmgexp.bat and choose "run as administrator" I get a different bunch of errors also complaining about Java. If I open up an admin Command Prompt and run zmgexp.bat from within that, then it works.

So, my question is this: Has anyone found a way to build bundles that work in Windows 8.1 for applications which depend upon running in the protected administrative environment?