I am needing some assistance in setting up a restore area for a post office.

My two users are getting error 8219 "failed to connect to a remote network resource."

OS = OES 11 SP3
GroupWise = 2014 sp1

Server 1 = GroupWise administration console, MTA + a post office
Server 3 = post office with users that I want to access a backup

I have a backup of the post office on Server 3.
I had copied it to Server 3.
Went into the administration console to add the system restore area, but it shows the file path of Server 1 only.

Copied backup to Server 1, added path to system restore area
Added two users under permissions, later changed to entire post office (that is on Server 3)
added read rights, later changed to read/write, for those two users to the file location

Added Linux path piece (marked as conditional) to the backup location on Server 1.

Nothing works....always getting the 8219 from the GroupWise 2014 client when they try to access their backup, using the UNC path to the backup location.

Any thoughts? What did I not do correctly?

Thanks for viewing and any assistance provided.