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Thread: Troubleshooting incoming mail flow.

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    Troubleshooting incoming mail flow.

    I have a problem with my GWIA server that apparently started last Friday. Trying to troubleshoot and would welcome any advice. Running GW8 here.

    Incoming mail flow seems very intermittent. I have users who claim they're getting some e-mails but less than half the volume they should be (and they have verified that some people are indeed sending them e-mails, but they don't seem to be receiving them).

    No problems whatsoever with outgoing mail. We can send out all day long, and all the problems seem to be with receiving mail.

    It doesn't give me any specific details, but I do get one error upon a server restart.
    Warning! Server experienced a critical error. The offending process was suspended or recovered. However, services hosted by this server may have been affected.

    I have already tried stopping the GWIA and MTA and renaming the .prc, defer, gwhold, gwprob, receive, result, send, wpcsin, and wpcsout folders in the domain\wpgate directory (as advised in this article) and rebooting the GWIA server. It recreated those folders, and that error upon a reboot seems to have gone away, but we're still not getting most incoming messages.

    That last reboot was clean of errors. The only odd thing I've noticed is that, while GWIA appears to be running, I can no longer see it in the list of screens at the GWIA server console. Still see the MTA, but not the GWIA itself (this only seems to be happening since I renamed those folders). Although the situation seems to be about the same...outgoing mail works great, incoming only halfway works. Aside from GWAVA (which I've checked to the best of my knowledge), we're not using any kind of aggressive spam-blocking software that I think could be doing this.

    I'm pretty used to Exchange but am somewhat new to troubleshooting this sort of thing in GroupWise. Any advice that could point me in the right direction would be appreciated.
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