Hi All,

We upgraded from GW 2012 SP2 to GW 2014 (end of May), and we are now at SP1, on a SuSE 11, SP3 server.
I have Groups in GroupWise that have worked in the past but one of them has stopped working.
I'm not sure if this has happened since the upgrade to Service Pack 1 or when we upgraded from 2012 to 2014.

I had a group that had email addresses for three different groups.
Thus, the group name was: demaximis_&_ddms_&_O&M_Everyone and this morning someone tried to send an email to that group and received an Error=D101 (Invalid email address).

This group is under the GroupWise Address book so it is available to all users.
When selecting this group in the GroupWise 2014 SP1 client, we noticed that the ampersands disappeared in the display name (in the To: address field), but when I put my mouse over it, it displays correctly). Not really knowing why this would just start happening, I decided to create a new group removing all of the ampersands, added the same users to the group, and now sending an email to this group is successful.

So, it appears that GroupWise 2014 (SP1) doesn't like so many ampersands.