Hi all,
We currently run 3 x ZCM 11.3 Primary servers. 1 Win2008R2 (VM), 1 x Win2008R2 (Physical), and 1 x Linux (physical).
The initial machine (Win2008 VM) was the original server, and has grown to be clunky, and prone to failures. What I'd like to do is decommission this server, and rebuild a new (Win2012R2) primary, with the same name/IP of the original server (to save us needing to modify agents).
Is this easily done? Has anyone been down this track?

Also, is there a way to 'clean' the content-repo, which I'm sure has content from long-since-gone bundles, etc. I assume that since the content exists on all 3 servers (they are all designated content servers), the 'real/active' content will replicate to any new server. yes?

Appreciate any thoughts ..